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At Contro Corrente, the dough is made daily on-site in the traditional Neapolitan way. We use live yeast, Caputo 'farina' (flour) and it's slowly fermented twice up to 48 hours. This way it's fresh and easy to digest with a puffy 'cornicione' (crust).

Our pizzas are stretched by hand in the traditional shape of 'ruota di carro' (carriage wheel) always over 12" diameter with a generously raised cornicione.

We use only San Marzano tomatoes which grow on the volcanic plains to the south of Mount Vesuvius and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana. It's these special fresh ingredients and the intangible passion of the 'pizzaioli' (pizza makers) that make a real Neapolitan pizza.

Useful information

Contro Corrente

Paseo del Mar 22
00718 - Palma Nova

Monday to Sunday 8am to 11.30pm

971 801 440

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