Costitx blooms to celebrate its big day. The streets were dressed in gala, colour and fantasy to enjoy the traditional Fira de les Flors. | maria nadal


If Catherine Zeta-Jones happens to be in Mallorca, she could always take herself off to Costitx, where each May Day the village celebrates something of a darling buds of May.

As Mariette of the highly successful TV series, she could enjoy flowers not just in bud but in full bloom.

Since 1996, Costitx has held what must surely be Mallorca’s most colourful fair as well as the sweetest smelling. The village centre is like a garden, supplied by florists and floral designers, and the fair is an occasion for the Costitx bulls to appear - not actual bulls but dancers with bulls heads in recognition of the bronze pieces of sculpture from the Talayotic era that were discovered at the Son Corró sanctuary in 1895.

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Dates and location:
  1. 01/05/2024 at at Plaça Jardí Finalizado

From 10am