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The farming, industry and commerce fair in Son Ferriol stands out because Palma doesn’t otherwise really do fairs of this type.

There are agricultural parts of the city, and Son Ferriol is one of them. The farming and livestock cooperative is active in organising the fair together with the local association for industry and commerce. It is a triumph of local organisation which does now get rather more institutional support from the town hall and the Council of Mallorca.

For the town hall, in fact, Son Ferriol is both traditional and one of Mallorca’s most important fairs. It is held in what is described as the “village within Palma”. It’s over two days, the main day being Sunday.

Saturday, March 25

  • 5pm. Son Ferriol race. Arrival and departure at the Plaça Prévere Bartomeu Font.
  • Exhibition. Of large figure heads and the costumes of the Son Ferriol demons at the parish church.
  • 6pm. Dance exhibition. By the Club Marina Bordoy.

Sunday, March 26

  • 10am. Mass at Sant Antoni Abat parish.Painting exhibition. Casal del Barri. Dog exhibition. Pastor Mallorquí and Ca de Bestiar. Horse exhibition.
  • 11am. Official opening of the fair.
  • 11.30am. Folk dances by Sa Revetla de Sant Antoni and dance groups L’Alcorà-Castelló.
  • 12.30pm. Street parade with the Batucada Sambukada.
  • 5pm. Folk dance exhibition by Sa Revetla.
  • 6.30pm. Dance exhibition by One Life Dance.
  • 8pm. Concert by the music band La Nostra Terra.
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Dates and location:
  1. From to at Plaça Prevere Bartomeu Font - Son Ferriol Finalizado

On Saturday from 5pm. On Sunday from 10am.