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Incandescent is a new festival of light and images, and where else would it be held but in Inca.

A mix of installations, light shows and music, it has an ambitious programme which promises to be highly innovative.

One element of this festival is a concert with DJs and light shows that is headlined by Dave Clarke. Here is a DJ/producer who really does merit legendary status, his career having started in earnest in 1990. He was, therefore, very much a part of the new dance scene in the UK that was influenced by what was happening in Ibiza.

He was once described as the 'Baron of Techno', this accolade having been all the more extraordinary because it came from John Peel, who wasn't exactly known for his promotion of club music. His debut album, Archive One, an epic of the mid-90s genre, was ranked among Peel's all-time top twenty.

He's known for letting his instinct rule when he's performing, so he's a perfect fit for a festival which has creativity at its heart.

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Dates and location:
  1. 29/12/2023 at at General Luque Quarter Finalizado



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