The band Shakatak has been on stage for 43 years. | Smooth Jazz Festival


Now, who remembers Shakatak?

They burst onto the UK music scene in the early ‘80s and had pretty much instant success with a jazz-funk sound that secured them a gold album with ‘Night Birds’ in 1982 and hits on the singles chart such as ‘Down on the Street’.

International recognition followed, and while they may not have had the chart success they once did, they have continued to be in high demand at jazz festivals and from leading clubs.

And one such festival is the Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival. Now in its tenth season, Shakatak will be playing the first concert this year.

The festival runs until November 5, an excellent initiative which does genuinely extend the season beyond the traditional October 31 cut-off point. Hats off.

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Dates and location:
  1. 31/10/2023 at at Protur Biomar Sensatori Resort Finalizado



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