A recital by Anima Gospel,at Sant Francesc church. | M.A. CAÑELLAS


Ànima Gospel is a choir that was formed earlier this year with the express intention of staging concerts to raise funds for social causes.

Head of events for the choir, Juan Enrique Díez, explained in September that there had been great fundraising success from their initial concerts, e.g. at Palma's Sant Francesc Basilica, with various projects for the Church's Cáritas charity having been financed.

One concert was in Lluc. This was to raise funds for reforestation of the area near the Sanctuary that had been badly affected by Storm Juliette in the winter.

A forty-voice choir, there is a special concert for UNAC. This is the union of associations for people with disabilities, for the protection of minors and for mental health.

Invited soloist for the concert will be Sheela Gathright. Originally from New York, she has become a major figure on Mallorca's music scene, known for example for her collaboration with the Palma Groove Project.

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Dates and location:
  1. 05/12/2023 at at Palacio de Congresos Finalizado



Ten euros (and extra donations if so wished) at palmacongresscenter.com / ticketib.com