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Kristin Hersh started her career in music in 1980 at the age of 14.

She formed a high school band in Newport, Rhode Island which was originally called The Muses before becoming Throwing Muses a year later.

The band continues to this day, as also do 50FootWave, a more electric-based band she put together in 2003. In addition, she has focused on solo projects. Her first album release - acoustic guitar, cello and her vocals - came out in 1994.

Her most recent album, Clear Pond Road, was released last year. One reviewer wrote: “Deliciously dark and yet full of an elegant lightness. This is Hersh at the top of her considerable game.” A warm appraisal indeed.

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  1. 13/04/2024 at at Teatre in Alaro Finalizado



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