Indira Paganotto was born in 1992 and Spain's most iconic and recognisable artists. | Facebook


If your father happens to have been a DJ in Goa in the 1990s, when Goa acquired its reputation for trance, chances are that some of this will have rubbed off on you.

And so it was with Indira Paganotto. Of Italian parents, born in the Canaries in 1992 and having spent much time in India, she is now established as one of the most sought-after DJs internationally. In 2022, she launched the ArtCore label and is this year undertaking an ArtCore tour that started in Miami in March and will include dates in New York, London and Madrid.

In between, she is finding time to headline the first of this summer’s Origen Fest events in Palma. Now a feature of the Mallorcan summer, this is a series that showcases some of the best DJs of the moment, and Indira Paganotto is most certainly one of these.

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Dates and location:
  1. 09/06/2024 at at Son Fusteret Showground Finalizado

From 5pm 


36-425 euros at