Palma town hall will broadcast of the Copa del Rey final in the centre of Palma on Saturday, April 6.

Having ruled out from the outset that the giant screen would be located in Son Moix for fans who will not be able to travel to Seville, it will be installed in the Plaça de la Reina.

As the town hall explained in a statement, with this action, “the aim is to respond to the great expectation that the match has aroused in Palma, and on the island as a whole, with the possibility that the Mallorcan club can make history, adding its second Cup title.”

In addition to the broadcast of the final, which will kick off at 10pm, the citizens who gather in the Plaça de la Reina will be able to enjoy a full range of entertainment and musical activities that will begin at 6pm, hosted by LOS40 Mallorca.

The Unió de Penyes Mallorquinstes has decided to colour the streets of Palma and the main towns on the island with the club’s colours to liven up the atmosphere ahead of the Copa del Rey final in Seville. The ‘peñas bermellonas’ have made a call for Mallorquinistas to display their flags on balconies and in shop windows in the days leading up to the big game, in which the Balearic club will be looking for the second Copa del Rey title in its history.

For anyone wanting to watch from home, it will be broadcast on Spanish free-to-air television channel La 1.

Useful information
Dates and location:
  1. 06/04/2024 at at Plaça de la Reina - Palma Finalizado

Entertainment & music from 6pm - Match kick-off at 10pm