Markus Cardoso of restaurant Emilio Innobar | P. BOTA


Fusion and fresh produce fresh from the market every day. The menu of the restaurant Emilio Innobar offers lunch service, from Tuesday to Saturday, until 26th October.

Markus Cardoso is the chef at Emilio Innobar, a restaurant opened by his father a decade ago in the heart of Palma. It is not easy to work alongside your father, as anyone who has done it knows, but in a kitchen it is especially difficult. You know, working with your father is a learning exercise that becomes much more valuable as time goes on,' he says. Our cuisine, with Mexican roots and Japanese branches, allows us to offer a menu full of flavours and nuances. Always with top quality products, in a kitchen open to the customer that allows them to see us at all times while we prepare their dishes. The experience of his father Emilio, who lived in Japan for 12 years and soaked up the Japanese gastronomic culture, combined with the drive, daring and knowledge of Markus, are embodied in a peculiar cuisine that mixes Japanese techniques with Mexican essences, in an almost magical fusion.

The menu prepared for Kitchens and Cooks with Passion starts with a prawn ceviche, one of the restaurants classic dishes, and a warm salad to open the palate. We continue with Gyozas, Japanese dumplings filled with tuna, salmon and white fish, and finish with strips of Korean beef tenderloin served with vegetables in home-made oyster sauce and rice. These are daring dishes, full of nuances and with carefully selected flavours.

The journey through Markus Cardoso's cuisine at Emilio Innobar pays off in full. The menu, available for lunch services until 26 October, can be booked by accessing the 'Kitchens and Cooks with Passion' platform via the QR code shown here.

The experience is well worth it.