'Tis the season to be merry! And where better to get into the festive cheer – following the switching on of the Christmas lights around Palma – then in one of the most talked about bars in Santa Catalina: Agabar Cocktail Bar.

I came here for the first time on a hot summer day, with several girlfriends, and sat outside and sipped on a few cocktails as we watched the world go by. Fast forward several months, to a windy Sunday evening, wrapped up in autumn scarves, a friend and I decided to sit inside and warm up our bones.

Agabar serves all the usual classics, but also specialises in agave based cocktails, which explains the name. For those who don't know, agave is a succulent plant from which Mexicans extract, among other things, mescal, sofol, raicilla, bacanora and tequila. When I asked the bartender to recommend something typical, he enquired about my taste, before offering me a sweet, mescal based cocktail named Ensamble. Described on their menu as a “porn star martini, but really Mexican”, it is made up of the said mescal, pineapple, passion fruit juice and citrus. It is light and refreshing, with sweet mescal adding to the depth of the flavour. A definitive thumbs up from me!

My friend decided to go for a beer, and we agreed to share a “make it yourself guacamole”. A huge pestle and mortar bursting with all the typical guacamole ingredients came with a bowl of crunchy nachos and a simple instruction to “squeeze the lime wedges and mix well”. Guacamole went perfectly with our drinks. We loved the idea of being involved in creating it ourselves, in spite of making some mess on the table and on our fingers.

For my second cocktail, I went with Tinderazo en Tulum recommended by my friend who on this occasion continued with beer. It is described as a “as sure as a match on Tinder” and I liked this popular culture reference, whatever we may thing of the actual Tinder. The coctail was made up of Kraken rum, mint, lime, agave syrup & tepache (fermented pineapple peal and rind based drink). Slightly heavier, probably thanks to rum, but still very refreshing.

Both cocktails brought back memories of warmer days gone by and I decided that I will definitely be back to Agabar whatever the season. Till next week – cheers!


Cocktails around 10€ each

Make your own guacamole 9.50€


Agabar Cocktail Bar

C. de la Fàbrica, 14A, Palma

971 37 65 11

Instagram: @agabar_palma