Fernando P. Arellano at one of the tables in the dining room at Cantina Panzà


The third proposal of 'Kitchens and Cooks with Passion' is already running with the menu from chefs Fernande Pérez Arellano and Javier Gardonio.

There are names that define what is named, that fit like a glove. Thus, calling Cantina Panzà the restaurant run by Javier Gardonio and Fernando Pérez Arellano is one of those textbook successes.

As Fernando, a chef who has achieved two Michelin stars with his restaurant Zaranda, tells us, 'it is Cantina because it aims to recover the sense of the eating houses of yesteryear and Panzà for its rotundity in Castilian, as well as the literary and culinary connotations of the mythical character of Cervantes'. The accent, grave and unequal, is the sophisticated and cosmopolitan touch that they intend to give to their dishes.

If they are in charge in the kitchens, Itziar Rodriguez is in charge in the dining room, an iron hand in silk gloves to ensure that the service is at the same level as the dishes. Formality with no strings attached, accessible sophistication. A year and a half of life, after a pandemic that presented itself as an opportunity for the brave, has been the time to consolidate in the centre of Palma a restaurant with no other pretensions than to offer quality food with slow-cooked recipes.

Fernando P. Arellano is not afraid of the fact that Cantina Panzà is located in a five-star hotel, quite the contrary. It's a fantastic place, with long tables that provide proximity to the diners, very well lit and located in the heart of the city'. A space for about forty-five diners, who 'can chat while enjoying a quality menu, with recognisable flavours'.

Cantina Panzà doesn't have the demands of a restaurant like Zaranda, which is always in need of innovating and developing new techniques and creations. In this way, the dishes are strong, slowly elaborated, respecting flavours and textures. Globality through regional, close, local recipes, but revisited with the patina of French cuisine, always present in Pérez Arellano's career. The endorsement of Fernando's career, awarded and recognised in each of his establishments, allows us to assure that Cantina Panzà has everything necessary to become one of Palma's culinary highlights. In short, it is worth booking and enjoying. The menu at Cantina Panzà is available until 31 January, with lunch and dinner services. You can make your reservation by accessing the sales platform using the QR code below.

The restaurant has consolidated in the centre of Palma with no other pretensions than to offer quality food with slow-cooked recipes.