I discovered Calvia Beach House a few months ago and already wrote about their great cocktails. This new spot in the area - opened at the beginning of the season – quickly became super popular. Every time I walk past it I see it is full and has a great atmosphere. Having eaten here several times already, I thought I should comment on their food as well.

What I like about the menu at CBH is that it is not focused on a particular cuisine, but offers some of the most popular dishes a world over. On the night I went to eat there with the intention to write about it, my friend and I ordered several tapas to share.

The Greek style calamari were nice, soft and obviously very fresh. I thought that the coating was ever so slightly too thick, but Steffi did not seem to feel the same, so it must have been just me. The rosemary alioli that came with calamari was a novelty. Made with mayonnaise, garlic, rosemary and a touch of lime juice - it was creamy, zesty and all together delightful!

The second tapas we had were hand cut parmesan potatoes – crispy, crunchy and generously sprinkled with parmesan and various herbs. We also tried some Lebanese lamb kebabs that looked a little like ćevapi from the Balkans, but had a stronger, almost spicy taste. They were served on crunchy lettuce leaves, and drizzled with tangy tzatziki sauce, for a perfect balance of flavours and textures. These were probably my favourite at CBH so far.

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Finally, we had several Mexican pulled beef tacos with smoky spices, served on warm, soft tortillas and with a side of a very interesting sauce. When I enquired about it further, I was told that it was made with sriracha, mayonnaise, garlic oil, lime juice, ginger, salt and sugar. A rather complex recipe resulting in a divine sauce! For me this was just as good as the lamb kebabs, while Steffi proclaimed that she "could eat 500 more!" As we scraped the last bits of pulled beef off our plates, we realised that we ordered far too many of those generously portioned tapas to have any main dish.

I have heard from other friends that both steaks and fish and chips were excellent here, but we decided to leave a little space for desserts instead. We tried some luscious chocolate spoons, made with belgian chocolate, olive oil and a touch of salt, which I would happily have with a coffee on any given day.

When we thought that we could not fit another spoonful of anything any more, our waiter Mark demanded that we share just a bit of their amazing CBH Sundae. This was presented in a large tall glass, which would have easily been enough for four, and it was a mixture of ice cream, cream, caramel, chocolate brownie and raspberries. Forgive me if I might have forgotten an ingredient or two, but my head was getting dizzy from too much delicious food by this point!

As I already said, the service and atmosphere at CBH were exceptional and - coupled with all the delicacies we tried that night – made for another unforgettable experience in Palmanova! I promise that next week I will be venturing further afield from this fun neighbourhood I seem to be writing a lot about...