Queues for the express parking.


The airports authority Aena having announced that free parking at the departures express at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport is to be reduced from fifteen to ten minutes, social media users are complaining about difficulties at the arrivals express car park (which will continue to be fifteen minutes).

They are pointing to long queues and a sense of chaos. The increase in passenger traffic over the summer has led to queues to get into the parking area and also out of it. One says: "The barriers don't usually work and the jams at the exit are huge. I can park for three minutes, just enough to unload the suitcases, but when I go, there is a jam, which makes me exceed the time."

Responsibility for parking and issuing fining lies with Palma police. However, it would appear that this summer, unlike in previous years, there is no agreement between the police and the company in charge of monitoring access in order to control this access.