Airport disruptions as Ryanair and easyJet cabin crew go on strike. | ISABEL INFANTES


Palma airport has reported 10 cancellations and 12 delays this morning due to the strikes by Ryanair and easyJet cabin crew which will continue throughout the day.

Ryanair cancelled a total of eight flights by 9am and another six were delayed.
EasyJet has cancelled two flights and there have been six delays in Palma.

In total, Ryanair had 22 cancellations and 31 delays by 9am.
This is another day of strike in addition to the one that took place on Thursday.

This is the fourth day of a total of 12 days of strike action called by the USO and Sitcpla unions to force the airline to return to negotiations.

The unions have already called another six days of strike action at the end of July.
As for easyjet, it has reported four cancellations and 15 delays.