Palma paying the price for Ryanair strike. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Ryanair cabin crew in Spain are back on strike, the third so far this summer, which will last until next January 7, 2023 due to the refusal of the company to negotiate a new collective agreement.

The first hours of the strike this morning left a total of 20 flights cancelled, two of them to and from Palma airport, and 51 delayed, 14 of them linked to Mallorca.There have also been delays in Hamburg (Germany), London, Milan, Rome and Minorca.

The delays have most affected Palma (14 delayed departures or arrivals), Malaga (13 delayed), Barcelona (7) and Madrid (5).

The two unions are holding the strikes from Monday to January 7, from Monday to Thursday, following an agreement with CCOO on wages, rosters - four days on followed by three days off - and allowances for their Spanish cabin crew.

The strike could affect the eleven Spanish airports where Ryanair operates (Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Santander, Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona, Gerona, Santiago de Compostela, Ibiza and Palma).

This new strike is in addition to the strikes called at the end of June and during most of July by USO and Sitcpla, which caused cancellations and delays at the Spanish airports where Ryanair operates, especially in Barcelona-El Prat and Palma.

The strike will last until the beginning of January, coinciding with the August and Christmas holiday period, when there are usually very high levels of traffic.