"I have never felt so embarrassed." This was the reaction of a passenger who experienced one of the most embarrassing moments of her life as she was about to board a plane. As she explains in a video on Tiktok that has gone viral, the events occurred during the check-in process for a flight on a small plane.

People were lining up to get in and when it was the woman's turn, according to witnesses, the ground staff asked the woman how much she weighed. She said she weighed 130 pounds, about 60 kilos. The person checking in thought this was not true and forced the passenger onto the baggage scales.

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Apparently, the company staff argued that they needed to know the weight of the passengers in order to level the aircraft. The woman said she had "never felt so embarrassed" and the whole process was recorded by another passenger who was queuing further back.

It should be noted that the weight of the passengers is stipulated in an estimated way to make a document called 'load sheet' which has the necessary data on the weight of fuel, luggage and passengers, among others, that the pilot takes into account for take-off and landing operations.