The breakfast that Indira Sastre was served at the airport and which came with a surprise.


After the coffee with insects that a worker at Palma airport received from a vending machine went viral, just three months later, a user now denounces that she has been served in a cafeteria in the terminal an orange juice also with insects inside: "Thank goodness I noticed".

The young Indira Sastre left early on Wednesday morning for Barcelona to present the last projects of the master's degree she is studying there. Before the marathon day of flights and various chores, the Mallorcan made a stop at a café near her boarding gate, D88, near the Burger King, to have the usual breakfast before catching her flight: a coffee with milk, a croissant and orange juice. However, the menu came with a surprise.

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"There were insects floating in the glass, on top of the orange juice", said Sastre, who, fortunately, noticed them and removed them with the coffee stick she had been given as a spoon. "I asked the girl if they could give me my money back or give me a bottled juice and asked them to check the machines so that they don't serve that to people, and she said: 'It must have been an orange'". The matter was resolved with a bottled juice and a closed and empty stomach for the young woman, who left for Barcelona without hunger and with a scatological anecdote.

The famous coffee with bugs

What happened to young Indira Sastre is particularly striking after the news that went viral throughout the country in April of this year, when a worker at Palma airport suffered a severe allergic reaction that took her to the ICU after consuming a coffee from a machine at Son Sant Joan, in which she later realised there were insects floating around.

Three months later, the case is still open and a judge is maintaining the investigation to try to elucidate whether the reaction suffered by the woman was due to the bad state of the coffee or to other previous pathologies she suffered from. The report of the Homicide Group of the National Police a few weeks ago ruled out a possible criminal responsibility of the company in what happened.