These tracks were initially developed as a bicycle circuit. | F.F.


At first glance, it is quite striking for its spectacular and winding route. Uphills, downhills, vertiginous curves and constant, relentless slopes define the Pump Track, a facility designed to provide a home for new and not so recent urban or street sports such as cycling, BMX and other skate modalities such as skateboards.

Palmanyola, at the initiative of the Entidad Local Menor and at the request of the local residents, is putting the finishing touches to the launch of an innovative facility in Mallorca, which will offer a new leisure offer to its inhabitants and also to those seeking to try new sensations. But what is a Pump Track? These tracks were initially developed as a bicycle circuit, although as a result of the ease with which they could be built (they were made of earth or sand), asphalt or cement were used.

The rise in recent years of skateboarding and skating sports has led to the adaptation of Pump Tracks projects, incorporating new construction materials to accommodate small wheel modalities, also allowing them to be painted and giving them greater colour and attractiveness.

This is the case of the one that has been built on the outskirts of Palmanyola, which, pending its opening, is already inviting people to get on their bikes or scooters to enjoy a unique and fun experience, always following the safety rules and guidelines that are provided. In recent years, many Spanish city councils have opted for this type of enclosures, parallel to the Skate Parks, to accommodate the requests of the youngest.

The Pump concept refers to the movement carried out with the body and its weight in order to take advantage of the descents and ascents to reach high speeds, taking advantage of the inertia gained when going down a ramp, taking advantage of the weight of the body, also making a movement similar to jumping when going up it.

Exercising on different vehicles on the Pump Track helps, for example, to exercise mobility with speed and inclines, serves as a cardiovascular exercise and allows you to work mainly the leg muscles, as well as the fun of riding a BMX, a skateboard or a scooter on a perfectly marked circuit.