Dijous Gros in Inca. | JAVIER OLONA


This week Inca's Dijous Gros showcases bigheads and a batucada procession, while Son Carrió presents "Un Món de Musiques." Palma features The Bourbon Street Stompers. Arta hosts a circus. Inca offers markets and workshops.

Tuesday, May 7

  • Inca, Dijous Gros - 6pm: Bigheads, batucada procession. Plaça Espanya. 7pm: Address for the fair. Town hall council chamber.
  • Son Carrió, Sant Miquel Fiestas - 8pm: Concert - Un Món de Musiques. At the church.

Wednesday, May 8

  • Palma - 8.30pm: The Bourbon Street Stompers. Palma Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 35 euros. auditoriumpalma.com.
  • Son Carrió, Sant Miquel Fiestas - 9am: Ringing of bells. 7pm: Solemn mass.
    Dijous Gros in Inca.

Thursday, May 9

  • Arta - 7.30pm: Circus Ronaldo, 'Swing'; variety and circus from the first half of the 20th century. Ses Pesqueres football ground car park. Ten euros. cooldaysfestival.com.
  • Inca, Dijous Gros - 8am-8pm: Thursday market in the streets in the centre. 9am-7.30pm: Various shops. Plaça Mercat Cobert. 9am-1.30pm: Workshops. C. Jaume Armengol. 9am-6pm: Science fair. Sant Domingo Cloister. 10am-1pm: La Rivier Band. Plaça Mercat. 1.30pm: Lunch. Plaça de l'Aigua. Eight euros (for charity). 5.30pm: Bingo. Plaça Mercat. 6pm: Aladdin, musical. Plaça Llibertat. 6.30pm: Inca Conservatory concert. Plaça Espanya.
  • Palma - 8pm: Balearic Symphony Orchestra, conductor Joshua Weilerstein; Mozart and Rachmaninoff. Palma Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 30-35 euros. auditoriumpalma.com.
    Santa Ponsa - Mallorca Football Tournament: Government Tournament (Police, firefighters and other public employees); Amateur Tournaments (Five a-side and Seven a-side). mallorca-tournament.com. (Until May 13.)
  • Soller, Soller Fair - 5.30pm: Opening of attractions in Plaça Teixidores. 8pm: Investiture of the brave women, address for the fair. Sant Bartomeu Church.
  • Son Carrió, Sant Miquel Fiestas - 7pm: Children's festival. Sports centre.