Soller experiences a great battle and another victory. | T. AYUGA


Palma presents Dani Nel-lo Quartet, and Soller's Es Firó reenacts a historic battle on Monday. On May 16th, Maria Florit performs at Palma's Es Baluard.

Monday, May 13

  • Palma - 7pm: Dani Nel-lo (sax) Quartet. CaixaForum, Plaça Weyler 3. 15 euros.
  • Soller, Es Firó (Moors and Christians) - 10am: At the monument to the heroes followed by mass at Can Tamany with the 'brave women', pipers and dignitaries. 3pm: Bells ring to warn that the enemy has been seen. 3.30pm: Captain Angelats places his trust in the Mare de Déu de la Victòria and commands the people into battle, Plaça Constitució. 5pm: First Saracen attack. Landing at Can Generós beach is repelled. 6.15pm: The second landing, at Repic beach, is successful. 7.15pm: Battle at Pont d'en Barona. 8.30pm: Saracens enter the village and sack houses and the church. 8.50pm: Ulutx Ali arrives to claim victory. 9pm: The Sollerics regroup in C. Sa Lluna and finally overcome the enemy. 9.30pm: Captain Angelats proclaims the victory.

Thursday, May 16

  • Palma - 6.30pm: Maria Florit, Tres Piezas, DJ. Es Baluard, Plaça Porta de Santa Catalina.