Beach clean-up in Costa d'en Blanes.


On Saturday June 25, there was a beach-cleaning operation at Costa d'en Blanes led by Marineland Mallorca together with the Balearic Federation of Underwater Activities, the Sapema Club and Calvia town hall.

From 10am, some hundred volunteers plus divers, fishermen and support boats took part in removing waste from the seabed and the beach.

This action was part of the #NoplasticsMarinelandMallorca campaign that Marineland began in 2019 for raising awareness of plastic pollution. This pollution is damaging every corner of the planet, but it is especially significant in the Balearics. Overproduction of plastics is affecting the Mediterranean to a greater extent, due to the sea's characteristics.

Global figures are alarming. Almost 95% of the plastic we produce is not recycled. This deteriorates the environment, which absorbs toxic substances, affecting the food chain and harming or even killing many species of marine animals such as turtles. In recent years, it has been calculated that there are 1.25 million microplastics per kilometre in the Mediterranean.

At Marineland Mallorca, there is a commitment to raising awareness about the importance of caring for nature and the marine world. This is through initiatives such as beach cleaning, encompassed in the #NoplasticsMarinelandMallorca programme. Marineland promotes the importance of sustainability and social commitment to put an end to the harmful effects on nature, trying to reduce the footprint of man on the natural environment and helping to preserve the richness of the sea.

The beach cleaning operation also had the support of the Council of Mallorca, Sporting Club Portals, Costa d'en Blanes community of owners, Blausub Manacor, Solidarity Bubbles, Leads, Isurus, Dive Cornet Detap, SOS Mamas Baleares, and Reina Mª Cristina bakery and pastry shop.