Cala Bona beach; regeneration needed. | Assumpta Bassa


Son Servera town hall is to repeat a request for authorisation to regenerate the manmade beaches in Cala Bona with sand from quarries.

The regeneration has been sought for a number of years. Early in 2023, the town hall sent a request together with a plan to the Costas Authority. It still hasn't had any response. The tourism councillor, José Miguel Servera, insists that regeneration is needed before the start of the 2024 season.

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A regeneration process is in fact contemplated for beach services' tender specifications. The concessionaire would have to present two sand feeding projects - one for Cala Bona beach and the other for Na Marins beach. This would include necessary environmental studies. Over the four-year period of the concession, this would require spending of around 40,000 euros per year.

In Cala Millor, which Son Servera shares with Sant Llorenç, there have been major concerns about the condition of the beach. The two town halls and the hoteliers association sent representatives to Madrid to present a request for regeneration. It is feared that Cala Millor could lose up to two-thirds of its sand over the next seventy years.

While the requests have been made to the Costas, these do raise questions as to where the authority for issuing permissions now lies. In July this year, the transfer of responsibilities for the coasts was made to the Balearic government, but it has been noted that Madrid still retains certain powers. The fact that Son Servera town hall hasn't had a response to a request made several months ago points to a need for closer administration of cases such as this.