A popular beach bar. | Patricia Lozano


The Balearic government's coasts directorate has ordered a halt to "irregular" work at the Cap Falcó chiringuito beach bar; Cala Falcó is near to Magalluf.

The director-general, Carlos Simarro, says that there is no permit for the work. It will have to be dismantled and a sanctioning procedure will be initiated.

Last week, Calvia Police reported an extension that was being carried out without permission from the town hall, which hasn't yet awarded a new concession for running the bar. The revised tender doesn't in any event contemplate there being an extension.

A few weeks ago, the family that operated the Cap Falcó Beach Club until last summer announced on social media that it would not be taking part in the new tender process, as it didn't agree with the conditions.

Only one company is understood to have submitted a bid.