Architect impression of the new beach bars.


The project to replace the six balneario beach bars in Alcudia will be paid for entirely with European funds. The town hall has been informed that it will receive a grant of four million euros from the EU Next Generation funds. The budgeted cost of the whole project corresponds with this figure.

The mayor, Fina Linares, is naturally pleased that the funds will be forthcoming for a project that has been in the offing for several years and which even now has been proving to be less than straightforward.

All work has to be completed by November 1 at the latest. This is the deadline that was set by the Costas Authority. The environmentalists GOB have meanwhile stated their opposition to the project, maintaining that it doesn't comply with the Coasts Law.

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Having finally decided that the project would go ahead, start to the work was delayed because the town hall hadn't approved the budget. The six old balnearios were demolished last month in preparation for the replacements.

The new ones will be wider and lower than the previous ones - 27 metres and 4.5 metres high. They will be made of white brick and will each have a terrace formed by a wooden deck placed directly on the sand and with a galvanised steel pergola. They will all be equipped with solar panels.

It had appeared as if the town hall would itself pay for the balnearios. It was recently announced that Alcudia's budget surplus - money it has in the bank - has risen to 120 million euros, by far the highest town hall surplus in Mallorca.