Es Trenc, one of Mallorca's most famous beaches. | Patricia Lozano


The Balearic government project to determine human pressure and carrying capacity on certain beaches and at beauty spots will start in the Es Trenc-Salobrar de Campos Nature Park.

At some point this summer, the ministry of agriculture, fisheries and the natural environment will install digital sensors. These will give accurate data regarding numbers of visitors, the vast majority of whom go to Es Trenc beach, one of Mallorca's most famous beaches.

The director for natural spaces, Anna Torres, says that this will help to determine activities that the park can support and with the drafting of a new plan for the management of the park and the beach.

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In parallel with this monitoring, signs with real-time information about car parks are to be installed on roads. The hope is that people won't go if they see that the car parks are full.

The government's focus, at present, is on natural areas like Es Trenc. Away from the beaches, plans for monitoring include the Foradada mirador in Deya, which attracts large numbers of people for the sunset.

Torres adds that "coordinated measures" must be taken to tackle the problem of saturation. Management plans for natural areas need to be reviewed or in some cases drafted because there is no plan.