The number of protesters gradually increased. | Gori Vicens


Around 300 people occupied Caló des Moro in Santanyi on Sunday in protest at beach overcrowding in Mallorca.

Organised by the Mallorca Platja Tour social media group, the rally started at eight o'clock. Initially there were just 20 people. Others gradually arrived and swelled the numbers.

The organisers said: "We want to spend a day at the beach with people from here. To do so we had to come at eight in the morning, otherwise it would have been impossible."

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They promised a fun and festive day, to enjoy a swim while also protesting against the overcrowding that makes it difficult for residents to access beaches. The action was scheduled to end at 1pm.

Leaflets explaining the purpose of the protests were handed out to tourists.

This was the second protest of this type by Mallorca Platja Tour. The first was a fortnight ago. Around 20 people staged a 'performance' protest on the beach in Sa Rapita next to the yacht club.