Andrés Gili, Maria Antonia Llull and Gabriel Abraham of Hipotels. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Hipotels are addressing two key issues facing hotel companies in Mallorca - accommodation for employees and training. Both have been identified as reasons for a lack of qualified staff, something that was especially evident this summer.

The vice-president of Hipotels, Maria Antonia Llull, said on Thursday that the company had to subsidise up to 40% of the cost of employees' rented accommodation this summer in order to be able to retain staff. She added that many potential employees from the mainland didn't come to Mallorca this year because of the high cost of living and that this contributed to a lack of qualified personnel. The company, she explained, will also be building forty apartments for staff in Cala Millor; this accommodation will be ready by next winter.

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As for training, the company will provide its own for employees who are recruited for next summer. Gabriel Abraham, the Hipotels other vice-president, said that "there is a lack of qualified personnel and we want to train workers who join our chain". Vocational training, in his view, does not prepare workers sufficiently well; "this has to change".

Hipotels are not unique in this regard. Riu Hotels & Resorts have established a training scheme this winter with the support of the Balearic employment ministry.

Looking ahead to 2023, the company forecasts a similar season to this year's - high levels of occupancy but with shorter stays.