The race is on. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


And we’re off, the annual race for the sunbed has begun in Mallorca. One British holidaymaker who was recently staying in Mallorca took to TikTok to highlight the problem.

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TikTok user Gillian shared the “absolutely ridiculous” move some guests were pulling to ensure they had a sunbed for the whole week.

In the clip, Gillian pans across the rows of poolside loungers at 7pm in the evening all of which are covered with guests’ towels in an attempt to bag them for the week.

Gillian branded it “the worst sunbed wars I’ve ever seen” and explained: “It’s 7 o’clock at night, and these people reserve their sunbeds for the whole week. They don’t move them. “They lie there so you can’t get a sunbed. It is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.”