Playa de Palma, where 17% of hotels are open all year. | M. C.


According to the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation, 155 hotels are open all year. These equate to a fifth of the establishments that come under the federation and are around twice as many as five years ago.

Over seventy of the 155 are in Palma, an increasingly popular city-break destination. In addition, there are eighteen hotels in Playa de Palma, some of which typically cater for Spanish pensioner Imserso holidays; Playa de Palma is the main centre for Imserso.

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In other resort areas, there are certain hotels that stay open because of cycling. For example, Team Ineos is currently based in Puerto Alcudia. And it is cycling that has helped with earlier opening of hotels. The federation says that almost a third of hotels opened at some point during February this year. The forecast is for over 40% of hotels to be open in February 2024.

It should be noted that the federation's hotels are predominantly in resorts, while it doesn't represent all of the island's hotels by any means. In the interior, there are establishments that stay open and which are, for example, members of the association for small hotels.