Dear Sir,

MAYBE we should seek “The Right Way”.
Current signs suggest we are going the wrong way. Our leader Moses Blair seems to be wandering, and leading us into the wilderness.
To date we have lost three tribes: Wales. Scotland and Ulster, who contributed to making Britain great. What now? Change the Fin Colours again on our National Airline and rename it Air St. George?

The Ten Commandments no longer seem to be of great importance but thousands of edicts from Brussels must be obeyed forthwith. To date these edicts have decimated our Fishing and Farming Industries and have the potential in the future to damage seriously our Commerce, Banking, and other Industries. The foregoing have been for centuries the bulwarks of our successful history. During that time we were blessed, mostly, with leaders who led us to resounding victories, with one small blip in 1776-1783.

The sounds from Kosovo after a costly war are distinctly hollow. This confirms it is difficult to win wars by inaccurate bombing from 15'000 feet. Wars are usually won by destroying the enemy forces on Land, at Sea and in the Air and by removing the leaders who misled them. Cocky Clinton and his chum Mo Blair are perhaps fortunate that Chairman Mao was not in charge of the Chinese war machine when NATO made the mistake of hitting the Embassy in Belgrade. He may have over reacted and our rebuilding programme would probably include the reconstruction of Buckingham Palace and the Pentagon.

The leader is tinkering with a Constitution that has served us well and one that has been a template for developing democracies for over two centuries. Prudence is a quality required in leadership - cautious of consequences. There are among us many that have doubts on the concept of a United Europe and the Euro. These are early days but history records “the more you unite, the more the united will ask to be disunited.” Witness past fallen empires and more recently Yugoslavia, USSR and Great Britain.

Tony Blair and his Cabinet - some of them past Communist affiliations -through their spinners are weaving a web of propaganda. It suggests we forget our Nationalism, our History, our Customs and way of life and our Patriotism. The Promised Land is a United Europe. That is a land currently beset with Socialism with a consequent loss of freedom of the individual and of a Nation. Maybe we should look for a replacement Moses to lead us out of the wilderness before the ghost of G.K. Chesterton implements the fateful words “Maybe we are meant to rise the last.”

St. George for England
Yours faithfully, A.P.O'Brien
Avenida Argentina, Palma de Majorca