Dear Sir, I WAS horrified to see on the extension of the Palma motorway, the concrete barricade being constructed as opposed to the usual metal one! That, surely, will increase the death toll. I think the traffic authorities have decided to scare the average driver, instead of protecting him. It would seem they couldn't care less for his safety. Regards setting up an office for change of climate, the title should be changed to Office for Tree Planting. It would be more of an advantage to ensure no more trees were cut down. With the increase in the number of private cars, there isn't enough oxygen to combat the carbon dioxide accumulating in the atmosphere, which leads to “the greenhouse effect”. In any event, it's too late. This so-called office should have been in operation 20 or 30 years ago, but Majorcan authorities apparently felt climate change wasn't going to happen here. They don't control building and prefer concrete to grass and bushes. D.T. Ramis, Llubi, Majorca.