Dear Sir,

Well, it appears that Palma council intends to encourage migrants to come and settle in Palma. You don’t provide a house for someone unless you expect them to stay! They intend Majorca to be a ‘reception centre.’ Ok, and where will they go after here, if indeed they agree to leave? 

It seems in your article that Palma wishes to initiate a programme that the rest of Spain should follow. It’s all well and good sitting in your moral ivy tower spouting your humanitarian ‘greatness.’ But let’s get real, even the dumbest idiot on the planet must be able to see that such a policy will soon lead to boat loads of migrants encircling Majorca (how many of them will put to shore at the designated ports?).

Perhaps Palma is hoping that the boats will utilize STP to undergo refits. If this were the case, it would provide seaworthy vessels which would mean that when the boat returns with more migrants at least they will have travelled in greater comfort than the previous migrants. Yes, that is a sarcastic comment, but, given the emerging intelligence quotient of the council anything is possible. Just look at some of their previous pronouncements.

The main problem comes when governments offer economic assistance. Suddenly that place is a very nice place to make your home. Perhaps Palma wishes to implement a policy whereby the migrants qualify for a Spanish passport. Why not? That would really boost Palma's humanitarian reputation, and it will be able to bask in the praise of the world’s do-gooders. Do these people npt see what has happened in the Greek Islands? The Greek people are suffering and will continue to as many of the migrants are economic and will either seek employment or demand assistance from the state. Can Greece stand this, given its current economic crisis?  No. Now, we move on to the very dark underbelly of the situation, given its wish to control Spain. See the IS agenda. How many IS terrorists are embedded within the migrants?  

I have great sympathy for those who are escaping persecution and have genuine reasons for the need to migrate, but please don’t try to tell me that all of those migrating fulfil the criteria. For those who are clearly economic migrants wishing to benefit from the generosity of other countries I have a message - "unfortunately s**t happens" - and you’ve just got to deal with it rather than run away and expect somebody else to sort it out for you. Sound harsh? I’ve news for you. Life is. If you don’t like your country then change it.  It may take many years but if you don’t start, it will never change.

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