Dear Sir
In June 2011, the Tramuntana range was granted World Heritage Status by Unesco as an area of great physical significance.
However, by installing solar powered lamp posts along the pathway which runs from Calvia to the village of Capdella, Calvia Council have disregarded this honour and destroyed our rural landscape. Forty five of these ugly, six-metre high, galvanised steel structures have appeared this week at a cost of more than 4,000 euros a piece.
A bulletin was published in December 2015 by the council, but in reality, residents would have to regularly check these notices in person at the town hall.  So we rely on the good judgement of the Director of Public Works & Highways (Ignacio Pomar Pina) to ensure our safety & protect our environment.  Clearly, not a single person on the contracts committee thought about the overwhelming aesthetic impact of the decision. Perhaps they should have considered low-level lighting if illuminating the footpath at night was deemed a project  which would enhance our lives and worthy of taxpayers' hard-earned money.
Sadly, if the Council of Mallorca agrees, the cost of removal and/or replacement will also have to be borne by the taxpayer.
Janice Westwood
Capdella resident