Dear Sir,
I have noted that there has been some coverage in the paper of the anti-tourist movement and the surprise by the majority of the tourists to find the tourist tax has been doubled at short notice in 2018.

Viewing a typical hotel with flights from a central airport the price for a B&B in Majorca works out at £619 for 27 September 2018. From the same airport, for the same grade of hotel in Greece, for the same duration and on the same dates it’s £505.

The tourist tax in Majorca works out at 15.1 euros and for Greece 3.50 euros, so it is easy to see that there is a large differential between going on holiday to Greece than Majorca.

Now one has to consider what advantages Majorca has over Greece. On my small patch of Formentor beach, I can see the broken glass and rubbish that I have not found in Greece.

I go on holiday to eat out at local restaurants, drink at local bars and go on local excursions and doing so put my money into the local economy along with providing tips to help enhance the wages of employees of these various establishments.

Majorca does not want tourists as we have been told by the locals, we are taxed an exorbitant tourist tax to spend our hard-earned money in your hotels and bars that provide employment to the locals.

Majorca hotels have increased prices as they seek to benefit from terrorist attacks at other resort. Tourists to Majorca are simply seen as cash cows, a way of extracting the maximum of monies for very little return. Majorca needs to sit up and see the reality of the situation before the tourist trade declines.

B. Rowe