Dear Sir,

Five more stabbings, a shooting, resulting in three more deaths in U.K’s capital city, London. Over 65 deaths this year.

Under the control of the Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan, London has become a “feral city” within the UK.

London has been allowed to become a multi cultural city but the culture of knife attacks, acid attacks, street gangs etc. are cultures not welcome by indigenous U.K. citizens. Mayor Khan needs to be honest about the cultural differences and engage with ethnic groups to sort out their problems before London is blacklisted by the rest of the country and the world.


Dear Sir,

Regarding your article on Thursday June 13, about no Britons acquired Spanish citizenship in 2018.

I personally did apply for Spanish citizenship in January of 2018. It took me all 2017 to find all the papers , pay all and sit two exams. One exam on the Spanish constitution and the other a 4 hour Spanish exam.

Total cost about 450 euros. Coincidentally there were three other British people sitting the Spanish exam, all worried about Brexit.

Finally when I presented my papers to the Juzgado in Palma, they were very short staffed. I was treated with great disrespect. Still not sure if my 30 pages of paperwork ever arrived in Madrid.

So sad after a whole years work. I was given a single piece of paper with a Madrid phone number on it. When I ring to ask if they have received my scanned papers, the only reply is, we cannot tell you as we are still dealing with the applications from 2014.
I read in the newspaper that only 5 people are employed in this office in Madrid.

They have 400.000 applications to deal with at the moment. A small backlog ha ha.
Yours sincerely

Daily Bulletin subscriber Wanda