The mighty Toftevaag! | Save the Med


With the arrival of December, the annual (and oftentimes stressful) Christmas gift hunt begins!

To make this years’ Christmas shopping more joyful than it is stressful, Save The Med Foundation have a couple of unique gift suggestions that are not only fun to receive but also play a meaningful role in the protection and regeneration of the Mediterranean Sea and its’ wildlife, for individuals, families and businesses alike.

1. Gift an unforgettable expedition aboard the mighty Toftevaag!
If you want to really surprise someone you love with an unexpected once in a lifetime gift, why not bring them onboard the mighty research vessel Toftevaag to join our quest to regenerate Mediterranean biodiversity? Sign ups for our summer expeditions have already begun, and make up the perfect gift for all ocean lovers out there who are longing for a meaningful adventure at sea!

Starting spring 2020, we will sail the Balearic Sea together with a crew, made up of scientists, sailors and volunteers from different countries, to explore marine ecosystems of the Balearic Sea and collect scientific data on whales, dolphins and other endangered marine species, on human activities, plastic pollution and much more. Each trip will last 8-10 days and the scientific results gathered during the expeditions will be used to protect vulnerable marine species and their habitats.

Participants sign up for an unforgettable adventure on board during which they become part of the sail crew and expedition team, while the money from their donation covers their on board expenses and helps fund the scientific expeditions.

They are invited to participate in all the work being done, from listening for sperm whales on the hydrophone, to taking photo ID of Risso’s dolphins, sampling the surface waters for microplastic with the manta trawl, hoisting the sails and engaging in all the everyday tasks onboard an expedition vessel.

By the end of the trip, they will have gained valuable knowledge and skills related to marine conservation and research methods, experienced the Balearic Sea in a way that very few people get the chance to, made new friends for life and lived a unique experience that they will remember and cherish forever!

To learn more about Save The Med’s Expeditions and to reserve a spot, visit

2. Gift a Save The Med Membership & join #GenerationSaveTheMed!
Save The Med’s work is made possible by the actions and donations from local communities; individuals, families, schools and companies who live in and care for the Balearics. By becoming a member and/or giving away a Save The Med Membership to your loved ones and/or to your employees, your gift will contribute to the funding of all Save The Med’s projects, each of which works to restore and regenerate the Mediterranean Sea, for the benefit of us all.

You can choose between a Sea Star Membership for the youngest Ocean Warriors (Children 0-12y), a Great Explorer Membership for adults (+12) and a Family Membership for the lot. You can also make a one off donation if you prefer. Find more information about our memberships and sign up on our website:

Email with the name of the gift receiver to get a personalised gift certification!

If you are a business that would like to gift Save The Med memberships to your employees, please get in touch with us by email to talk further.

3. Choose mindful, low impact gifts
If you’re opting for material gifts, we encourage you to select those that contribute lasting value to your loved one while having a minimal impact on the environment:
Select your gifts mindfully and focus on fewer of the things and/or experiences that really matter, instead of buying many unnecessary things that will soon end up in a forgotten drawer.

Opt for durable, high quality products that will last long instead of gift that break and will soon need replacing.

Wrap your gifts in environmentally friendly gift wrapping, for example reused fabrics or old newspapers.

Shop your Christmas food in bulk shops using reusable bags and tupperware.
Celebrate in a single use plastic free fashion by serving in, and decorating with, beautiful reusable products. You can even make your own ones together with family and friends! There’s an endless amount of ideas to be explored through a quick search on and plenty of creative tutorials to be inspired by on Youtube!

And lastly, remember to have fun with it! Happy December folks!