Izzy Newman was in Episode 1: Honour Amongst Thieves. | Izzy Newman


The start of a new week for Max and Miranda on The Mallorca Files, which means we are half way through series 1.

Last week ended with the case of a dead dog leading Max and Miranda to death threats at a famous vineyard. Our detectives had to pick apart a tangled vine of family politics and business rivalries.

Ep6: To Kill A Stag

When groom-to-be Karl is found dead in a luxury villa swimming pool, Miranda and Max believe it’s the work of Lucita, a prostitute they’ve been searching for who stuns her clients and then robs them.

With Karl’s fiancée, Chloe on her way to the island looking for answers, the pair have to act fast.

A past indiscretion and a pair of soiled loafers turn out to be all the clues Miranda and Max need to solve the crime.

Did anyone spot Izzy Newman in Episode1: Honour Amongst Thieves? Izzy is very well known across the island for entertaining and hosting various events and also presenting on Radio One Mallorca.