The filming of series 2 of The Mallorca Files is already underway on the island | Jaume Morey


Yesterday saw Max and Miranda investigate the killing of a groom on his stag.

Today's episode was Ep7: Friend Henry

Miranda and Max investigate the death of world-famous DJ Kurt after playing at Mallorca’s most popular nightclub. First impressions suggest an overdose with the latest circuit drug, but Max isn’t convinced.

When CCTV footage shows drug-dealer Maria entering Kurt’s dressing room at the club earlier in the evening, she immediately becomes the prime suspect. Having established a link between Maria, local violent criminal Gardera and the nightclub’s Head of Security, Heinrich, Miranda and Max encourage Maria to turn informer and to wear a wire to a meeting with Gardera.

But as the pair work on the case, they can’t quite work out who’s in control. Are they pulling the strings, or are they being played themselves?

Are you still enjoying the show and the stunning scenery?