Thank you

Dear Sir,

A very big thank you to the paper boy(s) who every morning, year after year, rain or shine and now the coronavirus deliver my Daily Bulletin to my home.

Anette, Son Caliu

The future of Majorca

Dear Sir,

We read now Majorcan people are concerned about the future of Majorca, without tourists not being able to go to the island for a holiday. Wasn’t it not long back that their was graffiti everywhere saying “tourists go home we don’t need you here” now they have what they wanted, (why do they need tourists back so much if they can do OK without them).


Summer holidays

Dear Sir,

We hope this lockdown finishes by June so we will be able to visit the beautiful island of Majorca. We have been visiting since 1964/65 and we still come every year. In the meantime all of you keep safe especially the staff at the Monport Hotel and the Valparaiso Palace Hotel.

Josie and Haydn Jones