18 year old Canela, Oldie of the Year. | Caroline Fuller


Cute Pets of 2020 - Part One

We have met some lovely pets this year, here are a few more and a reminder of some we have met already.

Fiona - A Veiled Chameleon We have met exotics such a Fiona above. - Brienne and Lockie Steward Baker.

FrankieFrankie went missing, we held our breath and then he was found. Paul Whitelaw

Dotty and Dipsy

Dotty and Dipsy told us how brilliant it was to travel by ferry. Sally Ashworth

Chester (main) (B-T) Lana lucy Oliver and Olly

(Main) Chester (Donna Brown)thinks he is human,(top to bottom) Olly(Helen Elizabeth) turned 10 years old this year, Oliver (Louise Mathews) likes to take up all the room on the bed and Lana Lucy (Julie Kelsey) was missing her favourite upright when she went off to college.

Cliquot, (main) Guru Sheep and Max (bottom)

Main: Cliquot (Mary Petley) stikes a pose, Sheep Guru (LisaMarie) loves to graze in the sunshine and Max poses on his holidays to Puerto Pollensa.(Valerie Kayali).

(Top L - Bottom R) Coco, Bentley, Brian, Tarzan

(Top L - R) Coco (Gaynor Barton) looks like she is about to drive off somewhere, Bentley is just so cute (Gillian Mallin), Tarzan is taking it easy on the sunbed (Megan rose Donnachie) and Brian thinks he is helping mum! (Annie Verrinder)

(l-r)Gonzo, Conan, Macarena and Muffin

Joachim Sommer shares a picture of his well behaved team (l-r) Gonzo, Conanm, Macarena and Muffin.

(l-R)Kasper, Basil, Buddy and Lillie (main)

(Top L -R) Yvonne Marshall told me Gizmo had an operation this year and we are glad to say he is feeling better now, Maria Bonin sent in a picture of Basil who loves to laze about on the sofa, Jazz is waiting for an encore. (Peter Walsh) and Lillie looks like she is snoozing but can hear a sweet wrapper being opened from (Phillippa B Davis)

(l-R) Major, Kyra, Ruggy and Lola

Liza Moore sent in photos of Major the Great Dane who keeps watch and Kyra the Bordeaux who doesn't care what Major sees, Ruggy likes to relax on Christine Butler's sofa, Lola likes to steal all the bed (Tara Skelding-Hardie).

Milo Gizmo and Luna

Lynsey Dennis sent this lovely trio, Milo(pug) Gizmo and Luna.

18 year old Canela, Oldie of the Year

Last but not least, Canela is the Pet Bulletin Oldie of the year. At 18 years old she still loves to potter around her garden and make sure all is well. She is blind and deaf but very much a part of our family and she still enjoys a gentle brush and a stroke. (Caroline Fuller).

Next week we will feature more new and old faces and of course if you have a story you’d like to share please do get in touch.