How to exchange your UK driving licence for a Spanish one. The deadline to do so easily is approaching fast! We decided to test the online system.

Who needs to exchange their British Driving Licence for a Spanish One? We all do if we reside here! Our understanding is that for those resident here already there is a 6 month grace period from 1 January 2021 where you can still use your UK Licence but after that you should have the Spanish driving licence to be legal. A new appointment service has been put in place that may allow you to exchange your UK driving licence for a Spanish one.

The British Embassy in Madrid advise that to submit your application you need only to have your NIE but that to do the final exchange you need to have your residency green paper/TIE card.

When you submit your application, the authorities will want to verify your UK driving licence with the UK authorities, that could take a number of weeks so you may well have time to complete applications for the Residency/TIE if you do not have it already. You will need to make the final appointment to exchange your Driving Licence to a date after you will have your TIE/Residency.

If you have the CL@VE ID or a Digital certificate you can make an appointment with DGT online, failing that you can make an “In person” appointment online, or you can call DGT on 060 to make the appointment. You can call 060 from both landlines and mobiles. Unless this has changed in the last few months: don’t forget you will also need to make an appointment to have the Psychophysical health check at an approved centre. There is a place in Alcampo now that does this or simply search on the web for your nearest centre. When you go, take your NIE and driver’s licence with you. It is a simple procedure; they will want to test both your eyesight and hearing. Our understanding is the psychophysical health check is only valid for three months, so probably best to wait to get that until you have a confirmed appointment to exchange your licence at the DGT office.

As always rules on exchange and recognition of UK licences are still subject to negotiation, the below is the process as we understand it today.

This is not an expert opinion but a consumer one! - This is the starting link


In summary to request the exchange you must meet the following requirements:

1) Be the holder of a valid UK driving licence.

2) Have the habitual residence in Spain.

3) Submit the completed application, you have until December 30,


4) Pay the required fee – see the below web page for all options to pay

5) Attend an appointment at the DGT offices.

The web link to the page you need on the DGT website is shown above and is called “VOLUNTARY EXCHANGE OF UK PERMITS” use this link to get to the starting page: click through the scrolling images until you see the above image and Click on it.

You will be taken to a page that looks like the below: On this page (which is available in Spanish, Catalan and English among others) you will also find all the information you need regarding the paperwork required and payment options.

The page offers you options to “Access to the service” by one of the following methods

a) Online - For this option you will need either a Digital Certificate or be registered in Cl@ve.

b) Face to Face – takes you straight to a link to make an appointment or cancel an existing appointment.

c) By calling the number 060 – we understand if you call this number after 10:00 am you may be able to talk to an English speaking agent.

**Since we have both a Digital Certificate and Cl@ve pin, we went the online route. The process is as follows:

Click on “Solicitud Canje por BREXIT” (Exchange Request for BREXIT) this opens a new window that allows you to log-in with your Digital Certificate or Cl@ve pin. Choose the option that you have access rights with. Assuming you have the correct Digital Certificate installed on your computer or are enrolled in the Cl@ve pin system, a new window opens that says in Spanish: ‘SOLICITUD PARA CANJEAR TU PERMISO DE CONDUCIR DE REINO UNIDO POR UNO ESPAÑOL” In English: APPLICATION TO EXCHANGE YOUR UK DRIVING LICENCE FOR A SPANISH ONE.

The page includes the current information on exchanging your Driving licence that you should read, along with an interactive application form that you will need to complete and sign digitally.

Complete the interactive form including ‘YOUR DATA’, ‘CONTACT FORM’, ‘POSTAL ADDRESS’ and ‘REQUEST’.

Once done, tick to accept the required authorizations check boxes and the terms and conditions, Sign digitally and click SEND.

You will then get an email confirming your request. You may get a call or email from the DGT requesting clarity on some of your answers. If you do not hear back from them within three business days you can then go ahead and make an appointment from the main page of the

Look for the “Formalities” section, and click on “Appointment request”. A new page opens from where you can request an appointment as shown below.

Choose the following options: First drop down menu: “Office where you want the appointment” select your region. Second drop down menu: ‘Kind of procedure’ select “Office Procedures”

Note. Do not select Driving licence renewal or Driving licence exchange.

Click on the “Continue” button. If appointments are available, you are taken to another page that says “APPOINTMENT REQUEST FOR OFFICE PROCEDURES” Note: if you get this following message “The customer service hours are full for the next few days. Please try again later” It means no appointments are available for your chosen area and you will need to try again at another time. Or Phone 060 to make the appointment.

From here select “Area: Drivers” as shown and click “Continue”. A new page opens, complete the details on the form i.e. NIE, name and email address, and if you are using such, your representative’s details * one assumes this information should not be required since you are doing this yourself!

Click ‘Apply for” and a list of available appointment are shown, choose a suitable one, a new page opens with the details of your request, if all correct hit “Confirm”. You will be emailed the appointment time and date. Ensure you have all the relevant documents when you go to your appointment and make sure you have either the means to pay at the offices or have previously paid the fee either at a bank or online and you have a receipt. It is our understanding that you can pay on the day at the offices with a bank card.

Documents you will require:

1) Completed ‘Exchange Request Form’ – this form can be found here if you do not have a Digital Certificate or Cl@ve :

2) Valid ID – e.g. passport

3) The Valid Driving licence you want to exchange.

4) Proof of payment or means to pay at the offices (bank card).

5) Current photograph 32 x26 mm. in colour and with a plain background, taken from the front with the head uncovered and without dark glasses or any other garment that could prevent or hinder ID.

6) An in-date Psychophysical test from an approved health check centre.

Good luck!