Scene from Episode 5 of The Mallorca Files season two. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


In today's episode 6 "The Outlaw Jose Rey" of The Mallorca Files...

What appears to be an open-and-shut case turns into a manhunt in the mountains for
Miranda (Elen Rhys) and Max (Julian Looman), when they investigate credit card fraud at the horse school, Rancho del Rey. Young and aloof entrepreneur José Rey (Ben Cura) is just about to take over the reins of the business set up by his grandfather Xisco (Antonio Valero). But the older man’s resistance to the changes implemented by his grandson causes friction within the family, leaving José’s mother Pia (Paulina Gálvez) caught in the middle. José’s attitude also rubs against the horse school’s long-serving stablehand Javier Santos (José Garcia Pérez).

With the credit card fraud soon brought to a close, Miranda and Max believe their work at
the Rancho del Rey done. But when José is discovered over the dead body of his grandfather and flees into Mallorca’s wilderness on horseback, Miranda and Max are forced to saddle up to get their man. Accompanied by a suspicious Santos, a less-than-enthusiastic Miranda and an over keen Max head into the mountain in hot pursuit. But as night falls with still no trace of José, the group is forced to camp under the stars, where secrets are revealed and true relationships come to light.

The experiences force a fundamental change in Miranda and encourages Max to re-examine
his own fraught relationship with his father.

Today's stunning mountainous scenery features during the manhunt sequences, was
filmed in the Serra Tramuntara mountain range around Inca, in the heart of the island.