Aerial view of Calvia village. | S. AMENGUAL


In today's episode "Ex Factor" Max and Miranda investigate some thefts at the home of a legendary music producer turned reality TV star, the pair find themselves the stars of a deadly show.

Most of the action of this episode take place in an exclusive villa built high above the town of Calvia in the south west of Mallorca. Calvia itself is nestled between the foothills of the Tramuntana and Na Burguesa mountain ranges and is hugely popular with tourists.

As Miranda and Max make their way to the villa their route takes them to the Mirador de Ricardo Roca on the Ma-10 road, which runs along the west coast of Mallorca and offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

Although we get several glimpses of the bar run by Carmen’s father Joan throughout the series, given this episode flips between the infamous watering hole and the villa, it seems
only right to give it a shout out here. All filming for Joan’s Bar takes place in an actual tapas bar named Moltabarra, which is located in Palma’s old town.