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Most parents that I meet are both energised by their interactions with their children but also lack energy as conflicts arise and they really are just trying to do their best. Most of the work I do is around empowering adults and teenagers to find their natural source of energy and to stay true to their values. Authenticity is the key for all of us to improve our mental wealth.

I take my own self-development seriously so that I can continue to help as many people as possible in many different ways and I have been following a proven therapeutic model called The Adult Chair, for many years.

I can honestly say that this simple but profound model has changed my life and I am thrilled that I have been accepted as an ambassador! Not as a coach/therapist but as a human being coping with life much the same way as you are. It’s a fun group to explore the ups and downs of life from The Adult Chair model, which I will simply facilitate.

This group is called a TAC Circle and it’s a place where people in our area can get together, meet new people and encourage each other to live healthier and more authentic lives. The purpose of this group is to create a judgment-free space where we can be vulnerable, talk about the real challenges we are facing, cheer each other on and seek healthier ways of living.

If we parents focus on living more healthily we automatically model a lifestyle for our children. It’s a win-win situation. This is not just about healthy eating, exercise etc. it’s about exercising our minds, toning up the neural pathways to consistently live in a healthier mindset.

We can train our children to improve their mindset too, leading to less stress, a more measured approach to life’s catastrophes and of course a better ‘energy’ around the home, school and in leisure activities.

So, what is the Adult Chair model of healthy living? The basic premises are:

We believe:

  • Anyone can heal and transform.
  • Kindness matters.
  • Going the extra mile is our standard.
  • Living consciously is essential.
  • Everyone deserves to be seen, heard and understood

So much comes down to how we communicate with each other and how we understand and receive that communication. This is true for adult with adult and adult with child interactions. The last premise of “everyone deserves to be seen, heard and understood” is one of the core mantras I have in my mind when listening to clients and myself!

The purpose of TAC Circles® is to enhance The Adult Chair community, build relationships with local, like-minded people and create a supportive environment based on The Adult Chair. It is important to note that we are not here to “fix” each other. We are here to masterfully listen with presence, support each other and connect while honouring each individual’s journey.

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This will be a safe and sacred space where everyone is free to open up, be vulnerable and share what is going on in life and where they are struggling. Nothing is too small or too big to share and there is no judgment in the group. The meetings will be treated like a vault. Nothing shared is shared outside of the group, strict confidentiality is crucial. We are here to build up and support.

This group will officially meet once a month with occasional social events and meetups in between.

In this special community, we will all be working to become our healthiest and most authentic selves every day. What I have found is that when I am truly living life from the Adult Chair, I feel more calm, assertive and in line with my true values. Others seem to notice and ask me about it, so that’s where the inspiration came to officially start a support group.

It is an easy model to grasp and put into practice, but it’s so much better if we are sharing our experiences with other like-minded adults. It is fun and allows us to acknowledge when we really need to tap into our own childhood energy and just simply do something different.

It’s about knowing who we are and radiating that to our children. They too then pick up on this new energy and enjoy not having to second guess us or worry about misunderstandings. So here is a new opportunity to:

  • Connect with The Adult Chair community at a local level
  • Meet new friends and build relationships
  • Support each other

What we don’t do:

  • Judge
  • “Fix” each other
  • Gossip/share outside the group what is not ours to share
  • Tear each other down

What we do:

  • Treat this space like a sacred vault
  • Masterfully listen with presence and support each other
  • Share, grow and just have fun together...all while learning to live more authentically in our Adult Chairs!

We will meet once a month, initially via zoom but as restrictions lift this will be in person too, or a blend – the group will decide the best way forward together. It is just for adults and there is no cost involved in the meet ups. We start in May (currently the first Tuesday of the month but just waiting for confirmation from Michelle’s team) so watch out for the link via mindfullivingmallorca Fb page and directly on The Adult Chair website.

In the meantime, go to scroll down to the bottom of the page and listen to the four podcasts by Michelle Chalfant. They explain the ‘chair’ approach to our mindset and behaviour – it’s a game changer, for you and your children. Healthier you, healthier parenting!

Join even if your children are now adults, or if you do not have children of your own, you can use the model to re-parent yourself, this model has helped thousands all over the world, but it becomes even more powerful when we travel together.