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If you’re a big movie fan and you have a car you’re in for a treat because Palma has a brand new drive-in movie theatre at number 8, Carrer de Marie de Behen in Palma and all you need is a ticket and an FM radio to get the sound for the movie.

The venue has a 16 x 8 metre screen and room for 100 cars and film lovers can look forward to seeing some of the season's greatest hits, including ‘Nomadland’, ‘Minari’, ‘Another round’, ‘Rosa’s wedding’, ‘Girls’ and ‘Sentimental’.

The new open-air cinema is possible thanks to an initiative by Moviescreens Spain, which makes and rents inflatable screens and organises high-quality open-air screenings.

The project has the support of Sandra Seeling Lipski, Director of the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival and OK Mobility, which is hosting the drive-in theatre in Son Güells.

It also has the collaboration of Cinema Rodat, a social and cultural service promoted by the alliance between the Associació per la Salut Mental Gira-sol, which works with people who have mental health disorders and CineCiutat, which is firmly committed to quality classic cinema in its original version.

Alexander Thye, Moviescreen Spain; Othman Ktiri, OK Mobility; Vicka Duran, EMIFF; Javier Pachón, Xarxa Cinema; CineCiutat, Silvia Estarellas, Gira-sol Mental Health Association & Amada Salvà, Insel Radio.

A raft of people attended the presentation of Drive-in Mallorca at Son Güells, including Alexander Thye, General Director of Moviescreen Spain, Othman Ktiri, CEO of OK Mobility, Vicka Duran, from Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival, Javier Pachón, President of Xarxa Cinema, CineCiutat, Silvia Estarellas, from Gira-sol Mental Health Association and Amada Salvà from Insel Radio.

The drive-in will be open for two weeks and if there’s a positive response more screenings will be offered in the future.

Four people are allowed per car and tickets cost 10 euros each, but you can get a discount of 2 euros per ticket by entering the code "Thank you" and the number of people the ticket is for, (1, 2, 3 or 4).

The programme consists of 14 films and the majority will be shown in Spanish, but there will also be some in English and German with Spanish subtitles. All screenings start at 21:30 and food, drinks and popcorn are available at the venue.

The movies being screened from May 28-June 10 are as follows:

May 28: 'Wonder Woman’ (In English)
May 29: ‘Sonic the movie’, originally ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’
May 30: ‘Rosa's wedding’
May 31: ‘Las Chicas’
June 1: ‘The Witches' (In English)
June 2: ‘Sentimental’
June 3: ‘Dating Amber’ (In English)
June 4: ‘Tenet’ (In English)
June 5: ‘Das Perfekte Geheimnis’
June 6: ‘Croods, a new era"
June 7: ‘Nomadland’ (In English)
June 8: ‘Minari’ (In Japanese and English)
June 9: ‘Another round’
June 10: ‘Bad boys for life’

Drivers should turn off the lights inside and outside their cars once they’re parked and everyone must watch the film from inside the vehicle. The toilets are at the entrance to the venue and face masks must be worn at all times when outside the vehicle. When the film finishes, drivers will be directed out of the venue.

Culture is an exception to the curfew, so viewers won’t have a problem if the drive-in film runs late and they’re travelling home after midnight, but everyone who attends the screenings is advised to keep their ticket stubs to prove where they’ve been.

For more information about the Drive-in and the movies, log on to

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