Siurells at Geyser flea market in Son Amar. | Ultima Hora


Artisans from all over Mallorca set up their stalls at the Geyser flea market in Son Amar on Sunday.

It was organised by Mallorca Crea, a network of artisans that promotes local produce, kilometre 0 and respect for the environment, with the aim of encouraging residents and visitors to buy direct from artisans.

There’s a ton of different products on offer at the market, including ceramics, fashion, accessories and jewellery and the artisans are on hand to chat to customers and explain how they make their products.

"These types of markets are great for getting to know people and meeting other creators," said Rosa del Barco, a painter who specialises in conceptual collage.

Ferran & Mar at Geyser flea market in Son Amar.

Mar and Ferran are two hikers who climb up mountains and paint them and their T-shirts and screen-printed bags with topographic maps and drawings of the island's main mountains were a big hit.

Jewellery stall at Geyser flea market in Son Amar.

Industrial designer Alejandra Epifani from Cartonpia makes fantastic jewellery out of recycled paper and cardboard and her stall was very popular.

Aïda Rull at Geyser flea market in Son Amar.

Silver and brass pieces by Aïda Rull are up for grabs and at Madò Bet des Siurells there are ceramic clay whistles, or siurells, which were used by shepherds and ranchers to control their animals and also to compose Mallorcan folk songs.

Elena Lucio at Geyser flea market in Son Amar.

At another stall, Elena Lucio is promoting wrappers made with beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil, which are a great alternative to aluminium foil.

The market will be open the next five weekends with more than a dozen stalls selling handmade objects for all the family.