Hats & Horses, Minorca. | Richard Hadley


It was all about glamour and thoroughbreds at the fourth edition of the Hats & Horses event in Minorca at the weekend.

Helena Miquel & Ariadna Vilalta at Hats & Horses, Minorca.

As you might have guessed the event is all about the hats and the horses and there were a few familiar faces at the Torre del Ram racetrack in Ciutadella, including actress Macarena Gómez and her husband Aldo Comas, Princess Carla of Bulgaria, influencer María León and writer and art dealer Fiona Ferrer, Josep Gayón, Maria Pons, Macarena Gómez, Joan Allés and Carla Eddles.

Ruth Llopis & Macarena Gómez at Hats & Horses in Minorca.

Hats & Horses is part of the exclusive Elite Excellence group, Spanish Luxury Federation and the guests were dressed to the nines for the occasion and enjoyed good wine and great food at tables of six with privileged views of the races.

Luciana Pons & friend at Hats & Horses, Minorca.

Between the races, there was car show, which included an original Shelby Mustang, a 1960's Mercedes and some Italian sports cars.

The Hats & Horses foundation uses horses to help people cope with anxiety and the animals also take part in projects for the social inclusion of children and adults.

The event was a huge success and now all eyes are on the Hats & Horses summer event at the Royal Polo Club in Barcelona on June 19.

Josep Gayón, Maria Pons, Macarena Gómez, Joan Allés & Carla Eddles at Hats & Horses, Minorca.