'Sea Cloud Spirit' | Youtube: SEACLOUDCRUISESGmbH


The second largest sailboat in the world will travel from Civitavecchia to the Balearic Islands on its maiden voyage.

‘Sea Cloud Spirit’ is the new flagship of German luxury firm Sea Cloud Cruises, which also owns 'Sea Cloud II’ and the historic 'Sea Cloud' which was built in 1931 at the request of a Wall Street stockbroker.

'Sea Cloud Spirit' is a 3-mast full-rigged ship, which was built partly at the Marin Naval Factory and partly at MetalShips & Docks S.A.U. in Vigo.

She's 138 metres long, has 4,160 square metres of sail, can accommodate 140 passengers and 90 crew and is worth a cool 90 million euros.

There are 69 cabins, 3 owner suites with balconies and 7 deluxe cabins onboard. There's also a restaurant with panoramic views, a Lido Bar and Bistro, a Lounge with a Steinway grand piano, a library and tons of facilities, including a hairdressers, gym with all the latest cardio equipment and passengers also have access to water sports equipment.

‘Sea Cloud Spirit was scheduled to be in Palma last April, but because of the Covid pandemic her maiden voyage was postponed.

She’s due to set sail from Civitavecchia on September 14 with stops in Palma and Mahón.