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The 11th edition of the Atlàntida Film Festival kicks off at La Misericòrdia in Palma on July 26 and the great and the good from the world of cinema, music, journalism, art and politics will be in town for the event, which is directed by Jaume Ripoll.

The festival has a budget of 600,000 euros, all of the events except those at the Rivoli will be free and it will open with the award-winning film, ‘El Ventre del Mar’ by Agustí Villaronga.

Oscar-winner actress and British treasure, Judi Dench, will receive the honorary Masters of Cinema award and she’s coming to Palma with Director, Stephen Frears who received the same award last year.

Several national and international films will premiere at the festival and events are planned at Raixa, Fundació Miró, Can Ribas, La Misericórdia and the Rívoli cinema.

‘Doctor Portuondo’, which is Filmin's first fiction series, will be seen for the first time during Atlàntida and Nacho Sánchez, Jorge Perugorría and Berto Romero will attend the screening.

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A number of other films will also be shown, including ’Spain of Annette’, by Leos Carax; ‘The most beautiful boy in the world’ and ‘Laurent Garnier: Off the Record’ by Gavin Rivoire.

A virtual conference will be held by Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek in relation to ‘Antigone, How We Dare’, by Jani Sever and the Sundance Audience Award winner ‘Ma Belle, My Beauty’, by Marion Hill and Rodrigo Cuevas and Aina Zanoguera will perform songs by Leonard Cohen.

C. Tangana and Roge González Santos will be here for the festival and the biopic ‘David Bowie Stardust’ will be screened in Mallorca for the first time ever.

Directors, Miguel Eek, Luciano Scalzone, Miki Durán, Josep Alordà or Marc Ferrer will attend the Atlàntida Film Festival and conferences and talks will be held by Íñigo Errejón, Ana Pastor, Emilio Doménech and Pablo Simón.

The Atlàntida Film Festival closes on August 1 with a screening of the 1925 film, ‘The Political Boss’.